April 14, 2012

Midnight Club by James Patterson

I'm going to start by saying it took me about a month maybe a bit longer to get through this one. It wasn't longer, about the same length. It just took me way too long. 
The novel is about Organized crime and the NYPD trying to fight it. What they don't realize is how they are always one step behind the top mob bosses and business men involved in these mob and drug wars. 
The main character is John Stefanovich. He meets a writer Sarah McGinnis, and they start talking about the "Midnight Club" and how to go about catching and prosecuting them. 
Through all of this, they form a close bond and eventually a relationship. 
Stefanovich is confined to a wheel chair after being shot. He lost his wife and his partner of many years. 
It takes you through some of his struggles of being a cop. 

One thing I  noticed while reading through this one is, I didn't really care about any of the characters. 
Thats a risk writers have to take with stand-alone novels. Most of Patterson's books come in series so it is easier to get attached to the characters. 
But with this one, I had no connection which ultimately made it more difficult to get through. 

The ending of the novel picked up and kept me engaged, but the road there was bumpy!