February 19, 2012

Jack & Jill by James Patterson

Jack & Jill gives a creepy insight into the inter-workings of our government. Although, it is a fiction novel, Im sure the plans that took place in this novel have been attempted before. 

Jack & Jill are two high profile killers in Washington D.C. They kill people that are held high in the public eye and are working their way towards their ultimate goal --  Killing the real Jack & Jill -- Mr. and Mrs. President of the United States. 

Can Alex Cross catch them before it is too late?

At the same time, there are mysterious children murders happening in Cross's neighborhood. With his heart in trying to solve the case, he gets pulled off and put on the Jack and Jill case.
He goes undercover with his partner Sampson and a few guys from their department to try to solve the cases themselves. The cases aren't getting much attention because of the high profile murders. 

This novel is fast paced and keeps you guessing until Patterson is ready to reveal the whole story to you. The Jack and Jill killings were intimate but lacking emotions. The child murders left me quite sad and cringing. 

Patterson nails another great book. 

4/5 stars. There were a few boring parts, but over all exciting!

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