September 7, 2012

Amery House by Samantha J Moore

This story is set back in the Great Depression. It is about a lady named Nadine who first started out as a burlesque dancer in New York. Once the stocks began to crash, her life was turned upside down. She made a choice that changed her life, and she will forever be haunted by her past.

Once she left New York, she made her way down to the city of New Orleans where she takes up selling herself just to get by. The Big Guy decides to move all of his ladies into a large house so he can keep an eye on him. This is where the title comes from – Amery House.

“The trick was not to fall in love, not to let it get a hold of you. If you did, death was sure to come creeping around.”

This story gives the reader an interesting look into how the country was affected during the Depression. It isn’t a happy story by any means, but the ending did leave me smiling. It also gives you an insight into the lives of women who have to sell themselves for a living, because they have no other choice. Like the book says, they aren’t monsters. They do what is necessary. Samantha did a very nice job with the writing.

It’s an easy read, and is also pretty short. It is a story you should grab on a nice Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and just read it all the way through. It doesn’t take very long, but it will keep your interest from the first page all the way to the end. I would recommend this more to the ladies, but I am sure men will find it interesting as well.

All in all, it was a nice read and very well written.

So from me, it will get 5/5 stars!

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