November 15, 2012

Tortured Minds by Sue Mydliak

This collection of short stories was very. . . odd I guess would be the best word for it.

It it’s a collection that contains short horror stories. Which, in theory, should be very interesting. But,  for the most part, I was completely lost while trying to read them.

Though, there were definitely some that were better than others, and they seemed to get better as it went on.
The stories are not connected to one another, they are all independent. I feel as if the stories would have been a lot more powerful if, instead of being written in story format, they were written as poems. Some of them actually had the feel of a poem, but they were written as a story.

It is something you could pick up around Halloween and enjoy, but it wasn’t my favorite.

2.5/5 stars. I was lost most of the time. But I actually enjoyed a few of them. 

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