January 13, 2013

Oil, The 4th Renewable Resource by Shawn Alli

This book is in direct contrast with the one I just read in the way that it is really short! So much so that I got through it in only a few hours – with taking breaks as well.

Shawn Alli argues in his book the legitimacy of the oil shortage scare.

He provides many examples as well as in-depth research to further his arguments.

I feel like this book is very eye-opening. It is short, and easy to read. I believe it is a book that anyone interested in the topic or wanted to know more should pick up.

It should also be a side read in Universities, but Im not sure they would change their curriculum that easily. Maybe some day.

5/5 stars. For a book all about oil and fossil fuels (not a topic I enjoy TOO much), it was really interesting and kept my attention.  

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