November 15, 2014

Worlds Apart by Yolande Krueger


Worlds Apart is the second book in the Trix-ology series, following Between Worlds. In this sequel, Olive Trix, a sixteen year old witch going to school and working at her family’s coffee shop The Black Brew, has finally fallen back into her everyday routine of life after closing the portal to Dazrath. However, life is not completely the same as Dah-vid, her giant, has returned to his home in the mountains of British Columbia, and their only means of communication is their ‘message bottles’. At night, Olive is taken in her dreams to a strange place where she meets a snow-white-eyed stranger who seems to want to help her learn how to use her magic. It is from his teachings that everything begins to change.

There is always something nice about reading a sequel and coming back into the lives of characters that you have read about before and enjoyed. Olive is a strong protagonist, and her relationships with the supporting cast are written well. Plus one of the main characters is a pet dog. How could you not like this family?

This is a good second book in a series. It starts off right where the last ended and it introduces new elements to the series. It shows us a whole different world of magic – the dark side of magic and their leader.
Meanwhile, the characters that we knew from the previous book continue to grow and their arc progresses.
Olive continues to learn how to use her magic. Her abilities surprise everyone including herself. 
There wasn’t too much going on in this book, but it laid a solid foundation for the next book in the series.

I have a feeling the third book will be the best one. 

My favorite character is still the little dog.

3/5 stars

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