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February 10, 2013

Alien Tears by Darren Rogers

This novel by Darren Rogers has a little bit of everything. Romance, violence, drama, and …… aliens?

When I began this novel the first thing I noticed was how long it was! But, once I began reading on, that was the furthest thing from my mind.

Alien Tears is centered (for the most part) around an individual named Mark. Mark seems like a typical teenage boy and starts falling heavily for a young lady named Tonya.

There is more to Mark than what you may think.
 -    -      -
The aliens begin taking over Earth after one of their own is killed off by the government.

No one knows how to react, the president resigns, and people are dying by the bunches. The whole world is in chaos.

Would you know how to survive an alien invasion?

All they wanted was to make society better, but society rebelled and brought destruction upon themselves.
This novel reminded me almost of a modern day War of the Worlds.

It was an intense journey. One of happiness, sadness, and some… intimate moments as well.

4/5 stars There were a few grammatical errors that were distracting at times, but if you look past that (there may be a revised version out now), the story is great and will keep you hanging on until the end!

Read ahead for spoilers