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January 27, 2016

Cut by Patricia McCormick

Callie cuts herself. Never too deep, never enough to die. But enough to feel the pain. Enough to feel the scream inside.

Now she's at Sea Pines, a "residential treatment facility" filled with girls struggling with problems of their own. Callie doesn't want to have anything to do with them. She doesn't want to have anything to do with anyone. She won't even speak.

But Callie can only stay silent for so long...
This book has been out for awhile. I remember always seeing it on shelves when I was at various bookstores, but I never picked it up. I’m sure pretty much everyone has read this except for me, but I finally caught up to the bandwagon.

That said, it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be. Except, I don’t really know what exactly I was expecting. With Callie not talking for a lot of the book, I figured that something really terrible had happened to her that was going to come out later in the book. I found myself waiting and waiting, and that HUGE reveal never came. Maybe it was the way is was written and not her actions themselves that made me expect something like that.

I guess that maybe it ended like up that because it is sort of accurate for some mental health cases though. Nothing huge has to happen in order to cause a mental health episode. It could be something small, or have no external trigger at all.

That is why I am leaning more towards the way this story was written leading me to think that something super catastrophic had occurred.

Overall, though, I did enjoy the book. It was a bit different because it was separated only into 3 parts instead of multiple chapters. It is a pretty short book, so I can see why that was the case.
Im starting to think this review isn’t helpful at all, but this book just sort of threw me off. . .

3/5 stars.

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