November 18, 2011

The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson!

Of course, as an avid reader of James Patterson's books, I was excited when a new Romance novel was set to come out. He works a lot with suspense and thriller novels, but throws romance novels in there every once in awhile. 
And of course, he nailed it once again. I was hooked from the very first page. It is laid out so that you get to understand each character individually, and then they all come together at the end. 
It was wonderfully written, humor and romance all in one. Gaby and all of her kids have great story lines. It is one of his shorter novels, but it is a must read for sure. 
Gaby was married to her children's father Peter. Once he died, the family never really came together for Holidays. Gaby is proposed to by a few suitors and uses that as a way to bring her children to her for Christmas. She doesn't tell them who is she is going to marry, only that they will find on on Christmas day.
You never guess who Gaby is going to marry until the end of the novel comes. It was a surprise to me, but maybe not to others, but there are no hints along the way.

This books gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me!

Click ahead for Spoilers!
I thought for sure that Gaby was going to choose the ex-hockey player. But I was mistaken. Marty was her choice. 
I enjoyed her scheme to bring the family together, and how it eventually worked in the end. 
Her son's idea to get married the same day as her worked beautifully in the story and was a nice twist!

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