December 17, 2011

Along Came A Spider by James Patterson

I had been putting off starting the Alex Cross series for awhile now. There are a lot of books, and I get sucked in very easily. 
I figured I had to start sometime, so I went out and bought the first book - Along Came A Spider. 

And, it was WELL worth the purchase. The book had me hanging on every page. There are so many twists and turns it throws off most thoughts you have about all of the characters. 

The book is about a kidnapper who wants to be somebody! He wants to create the best crime of the ages. So, of course, it is a high-profile kidnapping. 
Detective Alex Cross becomes obsessed with the thoughts of the kidnapped children and doesnt let the case rest until it is solved. 
Along with it being a great story it also brings out different issues concerning race and gender within the police force and in personal lives as well. 
It is a great read, and you will never get bored. 

4/5 stars!
Explained by my first point int he spoilers

Click ahead for spoilers

One thing I thought would have made this book better was if we got an inner monologue chapter from Gary during the trial. 
They are trying to figure out whether he is criminally insane or a fantastic actor setting everyone up. 
I believe it would have been better to know what was going on in his mind during the trial. 

Also, I was rooting for the Jezzie/Alex relationship throughout the whole book in the end. When it was revealed that she had played a part in everything, i was completely thrown off!!! I did not see that coming until about a chapter or two before they confirmed it. 

James Patterson knows how to keep you on your toes while reading his books. 

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