January 27, 2012

Step - Ball - Change by Jeanne Ray

I was walking around at work one day bored, and I saw this book. I read the back and it seemed like it would be a light-hearted funny books to read so I picked it up. 

It took me awhile to actually pick it up off my shelf. I kept buying different books, and this kept being pushed further back in to the queue. Once I finished my last book, I didnt have another to read, so I finally took the time to read this one. 

It is definitely a book you would want to read if you dont want to pay attention to detail. It is a fun book with a funny family story line. 
The main character is Caroline. She and her husband Tom have kids and are in their 60's. Through a few turn of events, Caroline's sister Taffy ends up living with them for awhile and they grow closer than they ever were before. 
There are also a few marriages that come along with money problems.

Its a fun book to read, I suggest picking it up!

4/5 Stars!

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