January 15, 2012

Vengeance Is Sacred by Peter Healy

Im going to start off by saying that Historical Fiction/Supernatual is not usually my genre' of choice. When Peter approached me and asked me to read his novel, I was more than willing. I figured it would be interesting to dive into a genre that I am not used to reading!
When I started off the novel, I often found myself spacing out because it was just not what I was used to. 
As soon as the second chapter though, I started to get used to it, and began appreciating his writing style. As I have said numerous times, I am a huge fan of James Patterson novels, and those are the majority of the novels I have read for a good year now, so being faced with a whole new writing style threw me off for a little bit. 
Peter uses longer chapters and much more description, which I have begun to notice throughout the novel, is needed for the type of story he is telling! There are breaks in the chapters which allowed me to put the novel down for a few minutes, get something done, and pick it up again. I don't like leaving a book mid-chapter because I will likely forget what I had been reading, but the way he split up the chapters made it much easier for me. Not everyone is like that, though, which is where the length of the chapters would be good for those people!

Vengeance Is Sacred is based around Paolo Calefati. He has to run from his home country of Italy to "L'America" "The New World" or most commonly used today -- The East Cost of the USA. He ends up in Jersey City, NJ and faces the problems of new immigrants with finding work and love. Paolo’s battle between remembering his past, and trying to move on with his future is a reoccurring theme, as well as him striving to be an honest loyal man. The power of the Deva that he possesses makes him more powerful than people believe at first sight.

The way Peter tells the story expresses knowledge on the topics he is speaking about which makes me ask the question -- How much research did he do on the topic? I feel like he knew the information all very well. I was impressed. Especially with the different dialects, accents, and languages -- as well as customs of different cultures. 

Being a girl myself, I like the fact that Paolo really respects the female gender. I feel that is Peter's own personality showing through his character!

Overall 4/5 Stars!
The chapters were a bit long for me, but it was very well written and interesting!
I have found myself missing reading about Paolo, Maria, and Augie.

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Read ahead for spoilers
I really enjoyed the incorporation of the mob violence back in Italy. It has always been an interesting topic to me, so reading it in a story made it all that more interesting. 

I love Paolo and Maria together. When they first met, it brought a smile to my face. I love romance novels! So that aspect of the story really appealed to my interest! When they split up, I was really upset with her response. He was trying to be honest with her, and she completely shut him out.
I was very pleased when they got back together, though.

The scene with the fire at the Triangle had my heart racing. I probably read through that whole scene in about 15 minutes because I was reading so quickly. I just NEEDED to know if Paolo was going to find Essie.

The Camorra being near Paolo was extremely frightening. The confrontation was extremely thrilling though, and when Maria came out on top, I was overjoyed. Not many people would believe a woman would have the strength for such tasks. But, she accomplished more than some people ever will, and Paolo was proud of her the whole time.

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