June 13, 2012

11th Hour by James Patterson

Lindsay Boxer and the Women’s Murder Club are back in the latest installment – The 11th Hour.

Lindsay is pregnant and having trouble in her marriage. That won’t be the last of her problems.

When a major movie star is on the suspect list of a gruesome case of serial killing, nothing will be easy.

Lindsay and her girls will go over the evidence time and time again.

Even when it all points towards one person, the outcome cam come as quite the surprise.

I have loved the Women’s Murder Club series from the very first book and this one surely did not disappoint. I have been waiting for it for about a year, and I was very pleased. I had missed reading about all of these characters.

5/5 Very well written, nice twist at the end 

Read Ahead for Spoilers:
I was hoping that Lindsay and Joe would split up when she was having trust issues. I have never liked the together and thought she was perfect with Conklin. At least he and Cindy are happy, but I still wish that Lindsay and him would have ended up together. 

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  1. I have to wonder how many more Women's Murder Club series we're still going to get. I love them. Somehow I managed to miss that this was out until I heard it on The Book Report radio show last week. Was in awe when I heard he's written 71 books, of which 63 have been bestsellers! If books are your passion, you should consider taking a listen to the show (it's aired on WIND560, Saturdays(if you're still in Chicago)) Alternatively, check out their site(bookreportradio(dot)com) for a listing of the other stations. It's a great resource for getting an idea of both story lines and writing styles(from the audiobook snippets). Thanks for the review and not giving the twist away!