June 13, 2012

The Quickie by James Patterson

Ever since I saw this book on the shelf, I had been interested in reading it. I kept putting it off and putting it off to buy other Alex Cross series novels instead. Finally I convinced myself to just buy it. It has taken me awhile to get through it. That doesn’t mean the novel is bad. I will get into that in a minute.

It starts off with Lauren, and NYPD detective finding her husband doing shady things behind her back. She decides to get revenge, and in the process witnesses a murder that changes her life forever.

She sacrifices her career, friendships, and her own relationship trying to figure out how to make things right. But will that ever work out for her?

This novel is fast paced and it will keep you turning the pages.

For me, I couldn’t really decide if there was a “good guy” in the novel. I wasn’t really rooting for anyone in the end. It made it harder to get through because I felt no connection to any of the characters. So the experience will be different for everyone. I think that is one good thing about this novel. Everyone will see it differently.

3/5 stars. As I said, I couldn’t relate to the characters. It was well written, and it did make me want to see what ultimately happened in the end.
And the ending was one that I enjoyed

Read Ahead for Spoilers:
I kept waiting for Lauren’s cover up to blow up in her face. I thought she and Paul would be sent to jail.
But then she landed on the video evidence of the DA doing coke and cheating on his wife. That was her get out of jail free card.

I will always wonder what would have happened if she had been caught in her little game.
The fact that she was covering up for her husband murdering someone really put me off. I understand the family aspect, but she is an NYPD detective. It makes you wonder how many cases they actually do cover up.


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  3. This book did not let me down! At first my thoughts were, might not have picked a good read here. Then I saw so many twists and turns then drop offs. When you think I've got this figured out, you can't believe what happens! Let me tell you something, this is mind blowing!

  4. I found this novel to be the absolute worst thing I've ever read with Patterson's name attached. Right from the beginning I thought she was overreacting to something quite innocuous. When her husband turned out to be less than a law-abiding citizen, I thought "maybe she'll redeem herself as a character", but when she turned out to be a cop and started covering it all up and indulging in illegal acts herself, I actively began rooting for her to be caught. The ending, which rewards all her bad deeds without redemption, disgusted me. I'f this had been my first Patterson book, I'd never have read another. 0/5 star rating from me. A definite don't waste your time on this piece of crap.