December 20, 2014

Never Think About Love at Night by Valerie Nelan

Cass Ingram throws a dinner party to celebrate buying her first house in midtown Memphis, Tennessee. Rye, Cass's perpetually single best friend, is obsessed with one of the party's married men but is seeing someone else. Another guest is planning an abortion without telling her husband of 15 years, and another is deep in a postpartum depression. Then there's newcomer Ben Lockhart, who has Cass's attention from the moment he appears.

With voyeuristic access into every character's head and heart, you'll soar into the wonder and hope of new love, then plunge into the deepest parts of love's madness. Friendships are cast into doubt, marriage crumbles, love begins. There's a near-murder, extra-marital sex, soul-wrenching confrontations, and brutal honesty that'll leave you cringing.
This book is interesting because for the majority of it, the setting does not change except for excerpts with flashbacks. It is about a bunch of friends at a house warming party. A party for the ages because everything goes wrong. Secrets are exposed and lives will never be the same.

For a book that deals with pretty harsh and saddening topics, it is a fairly light read. It is easy to get through without much effort. Not much happened, but a lot happened at the same time. It was interesting enough to make me keep reading it at least. 

I didn’t really understand the purpose of the “Chorus” parts of the book. They didn’t do anything for me.

I wouldn’t say this book was significant enough to change my life, but it was an interesting read overall.

3/5 stars Romance book with a side of dark topics.

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