December 20, 2014

Snow by Áine Greaney

Set in a one-street small town in the Irish midlands, "Snow" is an exquisitely crafted portrait of Dolores, a young expatriate Irish woman who is suddenly summoned home from America to take care of her estranged and sick father. In her childhood home, Dolores wrestles with the push and pull between her new American life and her past life in Ireland. As she nurses her father back to health, she is beset by memories and caught between family loyalties and her own desires.

In order for short stories to be appealing to me, I either have to connect to the main character, or they have to make me feel something.

This one accomplished neither.

I didn’t really understand what was going on most of the time. I spent more time confused than actually understanding what I was reading. It didn’t seem to flow together, and it never really grabbed me at any point.

This story could maybe have been effective as a longer book, but as a short story it missed the mark.

1/5 stars I feel like I am missing something since everyone else gave this a great review. 

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