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August 9, 2013

Pulse of Poetics by Joseph Labriola

Pulse of Poetics is a collection of poetry and analysis of said poems.

They cover many different topics and cover a large range of dates. You aren't getting poems from just one time period.

It takes you through the ever evolving forms of poetry, and there are also many different type of poems. There are very short ones, and there are longer ones.

I enjoyed the poems that were put together in this collection, some of the analysis sections seemed to drag on a bit longer than I thought was necessary though.

I feel as though fans on poetry and history would enjoy taking a look at this book.

I am not huge on reading about history, so some of this was not for me.

3.5/5 stars I found myself losing interesting at times, but the poetry collection they used made up for some of that. 

December 20, 2011

Poemland by Chelsey Minnis

I work at a college bookstore. Upon putting up shelf tags one day, I saw this book and it caught my eye by its strange cover. 
I opened it up and read one poem. I was highly intrigued. 

I went online when I got home and ordered the book. 
It is a short book and only took maybe an hour to read. 

My first impression: Wow this is an interesting form of poetry. I must keep reading this. 
As I got further into the book, my impression changed. It was more of a -- What did I just read?

Now, I have never been good at deciphering the meaning behind poems, maybe thats why I didnt understand this book. 
It was all just very confusing to me. Maybe if I had taken more time to re-read every poem, I would have better understood it. 
Who knows. 
If someone could explain it to me, that would be wonderful. 

2/5 stars. Intriguing, I just didnt understand it.