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January 8, 2012

Kiss The Girls by James Patterson

If I had to use one word to describe this book - WOW!!!!
Out of all of the Patterson books I have read, this one has to be in the top 5. 
It's a GREAT thriller. It is so fast paced and makes your heart beat fast. I had a really hard time putting the book down once I was nearing the end. I just HAD to know what was going to happen next. 

The Perfect Crime
Thats what this novel is about. Casanova abducting girls to use for his own sick mind tricks for the police and for his own sexual pleasures. 
The plot is twisted and disturbing, but keeps you hanging on until the very last page. 

Could you catch Casanova?
Alex Cross is at it again. He won't rest until the case is solved. 

This Time - It's Personal.

I highly recommend this book. One of the best books I have picked up in awhile!

5/5 stars. 
Click ahead for spoilers

December 20, 2011

Poemland by Chelsey Minnis

I work at a college bookstore. Upon putting up shelf tags one day, I saw this book and it caught my eye by its strange cover. 
I opened it up and read one poem. I was highly intrigued. 

I went online when I got home and ordered the book. 
It is a short book and only took maybe an hour to read. 

My first impression: Wow this is an interesting form of poetry. I must keep reading this. 
As I got further into the book, my impression changed. It was more of a -- What did I just read?

Now, I have never been good at deciphering the meaning behind poems, maybe thats why I didnt understand this book. 
It was all just very confusing to me. Maybe if I had taken more time to re-read every poem, I would have better understood it. 
Who knows. 
If someone could explain it to me, that would be wonderful. 

2/5 stars. Intriguing, I just didnt understand it.

December 19, 2011

Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi

I have been wanting to read this book for a long time. I bought a nook this weekend, so I figured why not have that be my first e-book?
I bought it, and I could not put it down. 
Now, some people don't liek to read autobiographies because they think they are boring, and indeed, some of them are. 
Unbearable Lightness, however, was written beautifully. It flowed well to make it a great/fast read, and you could really tell how much of an emotional roller-coaster she was going through. 
If you dont know, the novel is about Portia's struggle with her weight, anorexia, and her being a lesbian. All of them tie in together. 
It really gives you an inside look into the Hollywood lifestyle and what actresses and models go through on a daily basis. 
As the story started becoming more climactic, I found myself read faster and faster. In my opinion, that is the job of a good writer. They are taking you on THEIR journey, and making you feel what they felt. 

I think the only think I expected more from this book were more stories involving her and Ellen. She doesnt really explore their relationship until the epilogue. 
Don't get me wrong, that's how it was written to be. It was a documentation of her struggle, not her relationship, I guess I just expected there would be more than what she gave. 

overall rating 4/5
There were a few slow parts, but over all, well written, and mainly short chapters which kept my attention.