About Me

My name is Courtney. I graduated college with a fancy piece of paper that says I have a Bachelor's Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Psychology.

I run a book review blog, as you can see here. I review books that catch my attention as well as indie books that I receive as ARCs. 

My favorite author is James Patterson, and my favorite genres are suspense/mystery and thrillers. Although, I am open to read pretty much anything. 

My least favorite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction. That doesn't mean I won't read them, but it is harder for me to find books I enjoy.

Doing this blog and working with Indie authors has opened my eyes to many other genres that I probably would have not considered reading before. 

My reviews tend to be a little different from other ones I have read from other bloggers. I try not to give too much detail about the actual story, because I don't want it to be spoiled for those of you who go on to read the books. I will give a brief overview of the book then talk about the writing style and any other major points that I feel need to be addressed. I don't really follow a formula, so you never really know what to expect. 

I post all of my reviews to goodreads.com, and I post to Amazon upon request.

I would really like to work with New Authors and Young Authors to get the word out about their work.

Please contact me and subscribe if you would like a review! I hope you enjoy!


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  2. I'd love for you to review Colorworld. You can find it on Amazon in either eBook or Print. If you like the book and want to review Teleworld before it hits shelves next month, let me know.

  3. Hello Courtney:

    My name is Alexandru Bujorianu; I write under the pseudonym Alex Stargazer. Please check out my short story, entitled "The Sandman"--it is available for free on Google Play as well as on my blog; it is also available on Amazon for USD 0.99.

    It is a fantasy cross literary fiction story. It is about the idea of freedom from oppression.


  4. Hi Courtney,

    This is just to let you know about my début urban fantasy novel, Feline Alchemy. As a quirky paranormal story set in modern-day England I feel the book might interest you.
    Written in a chatty style, the book is a warped romance and social satire, as well as an urban fantasy. Here's a link to the book's Smashwords page, in case you find you have any space in your schedule: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/439250


  5. Hi Courtney,

    I am a 25 year old self published author from N.Ireland. It would be great if you could review one of my titles. I have put the descriptions below, if any peak your interests then please send me an email at dorrianstephen@hotmail.com


    Set in modern day Belfast, a new technique known as 'Post Mortem Recall' has been developed that can extract a person's entire life's memories upon death. The technique was developed after an in-depth study into the claims that people's lives flash before their eyes when they have near death experiences.

    After Claire Bennett, the creator of the technology, uncharacteristically takes her own life, her sister Dianna uses Claire's own extracted memory imprint to investigate, refusing to believe that her sister would commit suicide. Her investigation leads Di into her sister's memories in an attempt to uncover the dark truth.

    A Scalpel's Edge

    The story follows a brilliant surgeron who has always excelled at everything he has done. He was top of his class and was the youngest head surgeon etc. He is highly skilled and as such can perform the most complex procedures with ease. The story is set when the surgeon is in his forties. Nothing excites him anymore, his operations no longer challenge him and his marriage has become stagnant. Then during a routine operation something happens and he hits an artery. For the first time in a long time, he has to think on his feet to save the patient's life. The doctor gets such a buzz and rush from the adrenaline that he feels alive again. He tries to rekindle his marraige but soon life returns to monotony and routine.

    He then begins to flirt with the idea of sabotaging his operations for a challeneg and a fix of adrenaline, playing Russian roulette with his patient's lives.

    The Puppetry of Sentience

    Depressed following the death of his father, Malcolm is visited by a strange man who tells him he must find a woman in London. Malcolm dismisses the man as a fool until a woman called Kathryn phones him and says that she felt that they needed to find one another.

    The pair embark on a dangerous journey with their very existence at stake. They soon become entangled up with ancient feuding Gods and discover that humans are the pawns in the ultimate game of fate.


  6. Hi Courtney,

    My novel, Dominoes, is available for free download from Amazon Kindle from 7/25 - 7/27 at http://www.amazon.com/Dominoes-Complete-Book-1-ebook/dp/B00HBVTWIC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406313083&sr=8-1&keywords=dominoes+by+c.+b.+blaha
    It is almost 180,000 words, so it's fairly long, but it moves rather quickly. It's a suspense thriller, mystery dealing with many different issues. If you think you'd be interested in reading it, I'd love to have your review.

    Thank you,
    C. B. Blaha

  7. Hello Ms. Bauman,
    GO AWAY, you tell the voice. Schizophrenia? You don't believe it. You have a voice in your head like everyone else. But sometimes the voice ... it's you, but different ... from somewhere else. From another time. He questions your reality. He tells you things before they happen. You don't like him in your head, even if he helps you sometimes. This is your reality, not his. Why do you feel he is hiding something? Aurik was in the Split when it happened. A joint experiment between countries, the slit experiment, changes the world. Changes kids. Physical and mental disorders plague them and continue to get worse, as do confusing extrasensory powers that compel them to seek help. Aurik is no different, except for the voice in his head. Everybody says the island can help. He knows better. His twin brother went three years ago and returned in a box. A lead box with a window. Aurik's change starts and he finds other kids with the change. Together they make the trip to the island, but something isn't right. At the island Aurik discovers they already know him. He's never been there.
    If you would be interested in reading and reviewing my novel, please let me know.
    Thank you for your time!
    Noel Thomas Fiems

  8. April 3-7 Download a FREE Kindle ebook of Wormholes:A Novel, by Dennis Meredith, on Amazon [http://amzn.to/1N7M52u]

    Something is devouring Earth. . .

    A suburban house in Oklahoma vanishes into a roaring abyss. A supertanker at sea suffers a fiery destruction. A blast in China drills a gigantic cavern into a mountainside. A severed arm plummets from the sky in Missouri.

    Could these catastrophes possibly be related? Intrepid geologist Dacey Livingstone is nearly killed by her first attempt to plumb the mystery—a perilous descent into a house-swallowing sinkhole. Still determined, she joins with eccentric physicist Gerald Meier in a quest that takes them from the ocean's depths to interstellar space.

    What are these exotic "wormholes" that threaten Earth? Can their secrets be discovered, their power even harnessed? Or will they spawn a celestial monster that will annihilate the planet?

    Veteran science writer Dennis Meredith has crafted this cosmic adventure drawing on his decades of experience working at leading research universities such as Caltech, MIT, Cornell and Duke.

  9. Hi! I'm a debut author and would love it if you could review my book 'Diamonds Fall'.
    "She noticed as if in a dream, a single diamond hair comb fall to the floor. The sparkling jewels landed face down in the mud."

    Annabel Maria Hoddington is the epitome of high society. She has everything money can buy and as befits a lady of her station, is engaged to the richest bachelor in England. However, on the day of her eighteenth birthday - her perfect future on the brink of fulfilment - she is abducted and held hostage in an isolated village, where she finds herself entrapped in the harsh world of poverty. Forced to live amongst three mentally scarred siblings, she must adapt to her new, sinister world...or die.

    If interested my email is rmgibson92@gmail.com

  10. I would love for you to review my YA novel, The Collar and the Cavvarach, if you're interested. I should let you know that the genre is a little hard to define. It's definitely action and adventure, it’s very similar to dystopian, and it could be considered fantasy because it takes place in a different world, but the world is very similar to ours in most ways. The main differences are that slavery is legal there, and characters compete in a martial art that doesn't exist in our world. Here is the blurb:

    Bensin, a teenage slave and martial artist, is desperate to see his little sister freed. But only victory in the Krillonian Empire's most prestigious tournament will allow him to secretly arrange for Ellie's escape. Dangerous people are closing in on her, however, and Bensin is running out of time. With his one hope fading quickly away, how can Bensin save Ellie from a life of slavery and abuse?

    Anyway, I would be glad to send you a digital copy in any format you like. No hard feelings if it doesn't end up being your thing. :-)

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Annie Douglass Lima

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  12. Hi Courtney,

    I'd love for you to review my debut novel, a legal thriller entitled The Judas Dilemma. I'll be happy to gift it to you or submit in any format you prefer.

    You can reach me at rnheath@gmail.com. Thanks for your consideration.

    Robert Heath

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