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Kari Anders is a book cover designer who works mostly with self-published authors and small publishing houses. She worked in freelance design for six years before attending graduate school, and now teaches design and runs All of Kari's covers are designed as CreateSpace Wraps for only $75, with the eBook version included for free. Her site specializes in Pre-Made Book Covers, but she also does interior design and custom covers.


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  2. Hi Courtney,
    I'd love to send you a free Kindle ebook of my debut short story collection "Momentary Illumination of Objects In Motion".

    Please email me at if you're interested.

    Jason Arias

  3. Hello Courtney,
    Hoping you'd be kind enough to review my thriller novel STORM OF THE SOUL. If you are interested I will send you a free pdf copy. thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you soon. sandy EMAIL:

  4. My name is Edward Weingold, author of an historical novel, A Map of the World (With All Faults), released on Oct. 1, 2019. I am asking you to consider this book for review, as three families tackle the thorny history at the onset of the 80 Years War, the Spanish Inquisition in the Netherlands, 20th Century anti-Semitism, and the rise of neo-Nazis in Europe and America in the 21st Century.

    The story in a nutshell:
    A bloodstained map comes up for auction (2016). As the characters intersect, the principals are pulled into events they wanted so to avoid. The action tracks the Ortelius’ map (1570) from the Dutch Revolt, Antwerp, through WWII and its impact on its owners, from the engraver who limns this map in the 1570s, to the adult daughter of a little girl who was hidden from the Nazis 1943-44. The daughter is a grade school teacher, married to a graphics dealer tasked with learning the provenance of the antiquarian map. The unlikely 16th C. engraver’s apprentice illuminates the 20th and 21st Century action throughout.
    The search to find the provenance of the map takes readers on a journey to the Lowlands and London in the 1570s, the Netherlands and Germany in the 1940s and the San Francisco Bay Area in current times. Through the eyes of the three families, the novel explores religious intolerance in each of these time periods in a fast paced narrative in which the principal characters are drawn together by multiple mysteries surrounding the consigned map.
    In April, 2019, Chapter 2 was published online, providing a sample of the writing in this novel.

    A Map of the World (With All Faults), 472 pp.
    Please advise which format you would prefer for a review copy:
    Paperback ISBN 978-1946005311
    Hardcover ISBN 978-1946005328
    E-book (your choice) ISBN 978-1946005335
    Brief bio: I was born in NYC in 1941, and have been a Santa Cruz, CA, resident since 1984. Published fiction includes (prizewinner), Porter Gulch Review, short stories 2015-2019 (
    Two stories appear in Santa Cruz Weird, an anthology of short fiction (2018). I am a produced playwright (12 plays, 20 runs). Over a 30-year career in the theatre, I staged 120 productions in the U.S and England. (A day job I held for three years was cataloger for rare books and prints including antiquarian cartography—centerpiece of this novel.) For many years I have written and recorded a monthly piece for an NPR affiliate feature, First Person Singular. I have taught English and Theatre courses at the City University of New York and colleges in California. BA: English Writing. MA: Theatre Arts with a Concentration in Playwriting. A Certificate in Technical Communication provided a meal ticket for 20 years in Silicon Valley.
    A Map of the World (With All Faults) is currently available at: and other independent booksellers
    I hope the subject matter of this novel piques your interest. I am very happy to provide additional information.
    Thank you for considering this review request.
    Best wishes,
    Edward Weingold


  5. Review Request: "A Bittersweet Tale" by Laury A. Egan. Interested in a dark, twisted version of The Bridges of Madison County? With romance, mystery, and psychological suspense, told with a literary touch? If so, I would be delighted to send you a NetGalley link or a PDF for "A Bittersweet Tale."

    The deck has always been stacked against you. Then an attractive woman promises love, respect, employment, and a home. Wouldn’t you be hooked? Jango Jacks is.

    Jango is a fifty-three-year-old Korean War vet, itinerant worker, and sweet-natured fellow who left kith and kin in Kentucky decades ago. On a hot August day in 1984, he lands in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, pockets empty, hungry, and in need of a job. After answering an ad for a farmhand, he is hired by a recent widow, Audrey Dalton, and is immediately charmed by her; surprisingly, Audrey also seems entranced and prepares him a candlelit dinner, which turns into an evening of love. Jango considers ending his tumbleweed ways and settling down after decades of roaming…until the next morning, when he is shocked to learn he’s ensnared in a dangerous trap.

    Let me know! And many thanks--Laury

  6. Dear Courtney--I've been receiving your reviews and enjoying them. Thanks for the great service to authors! I have a new book that might interest you: "A Bittersweet Tale," a mystery with a touch of romance, a dark, twisted "The Bridges of Madison County." I would love to send you a PDF or NetGalley link if you would be kind enough to consider the book. All the best! Laury

  7. I just one an award for best YA book of 2019, sponsored by N. N. Light Awards Contest. It's YA portal fantasy/suspense. Would you be interested in looking at the pitch and cover? I'm chris