November 30, 2012

Smile by Nick Wisseman

Book Eight:

This story was very eerie. Probably the creepiest one of the series so far.

It is about The Artist and his photographs.

That’s all I got out of it, really. There are girls that play soccer, but then that story gets flipped around in a sudden twist, and I am not quite sure what happened.

It was very mysterious, for sure. For that, I give it 4/5 stars. I didn’t completely get it at the end, but I feel like you aren’t supposed to understand the whole thing. 

Read ahead for spoilers

November 29, 2012

Revisions by Nick Wisseman

Book Seven:

You may want to sit down for this one. It takes you on a crazy journey.

It is about a man named Blake. He is a Shifter, and this story takes you through how he figured out what he is and what it means to be a Shifter.

I felt as if I was on the journey with him.

He was being slung into different situations and he had no way of stopping it.

I like the way it was written. It was very effective in telling this story.

I was confused for a while as to where this story was leading, but it came together at the end, and it was very interesting.

5/5 stars. I really enjoyed this one. The way it takes you along on the journey made it even better. 

November 28, 2012

Permanance by Nick Wisseman

Book Six:

Imagine being stranded on an island. You don’t know where you are or why you are there besides the fact that there was a war. One of your comrades is severely injured an mute. You don’t know if he will recover.
You all have to try to get along so surviving is easier.  All you have is a journal to document your thoughts. Will anyone read it? Will those be your last words ever documented? Or will you be rescued?

That is the journey that this story takes you on.

I liked how we got to see everyone’s perspective of their stay on the island through the journal. That made this story more interesting.

4/5 stars. The characters were well developed, but I didn’t really care what happened to them. I didn’t find them likable. 

November 27, 2012

Low-Limb High by Nick Wisseman

Book Five:

A girl in search of the answers for the disappearance of her father and brother. A simple watch will lead the way.

Caroline makes a diagram of her house hoping it will give her the answers.

Are the answers comforting? Or are they more painful than not knowing at all?

This story was very intriguing. It kept me hanging on trying to guess where it was going. It wasn’t what I imagined it would be at all.

There was quite a twist at the end which was exciting.

4/5 It ran a little slow at parts, but the overall story and the twist were interesting.

November 26, 2012

Love and World Eaters by Nick Wisseman

Book Four:

This book was about Aliah, a photographer hired to take photos of ancient artifacts.

Something goes wrong and she gets a bone fragment that has a mind of its own stuck inside her skin.

It takes her on a journey to discover the truth of an ancient murder, and drives her almost crazy until she does.

I couldn’t get into this one. That may be because I am not a huge fan of historical fiction. I found it to be bland at times which made it a lot harder to get through.

2.5/5 stars. I am hoping the next one brings more promise. 

November 25, 2012

Ghost Writer by Nick Wisseman

Book Three:

A young writer, a special quill, and one final death wish.

Will you help bring justice to this young man’s life? Is it justice, or is it just murder?

We are met with a tragic story told from the eyes of boy met with tragedy.

His writing work was going to be published. But, his life came to a tragic end, and justice must be brought.
Was it because of the quill? Was there more to it than he knew?

That is up for you to decide!

5/5 Better than the second. Very mysterious!

Read ahead for spoilers:

November 24, 2012

Charted Waters by Nick Wisseman

Book two:

This is a story of a boy named Ryan. We meet Ryan on a mysterious beach, and his body is scarred. He has a knife, but we aren’t sure why. Has he hurt himself? Or was he defending himself?

Reading further, we learn that he was on a ship of some kind and there is a mysterious Thing that has negatively impacted the journey.

This is about all we get out of this story.

3/5 for this one. I like the writing style of this, but I couldn’t get into the story. 

November 23, 2012

Branded Faith by Nick Wisseman

Book One:

A stranger alone in a bar. A mysterious scar around his eye. The ability to heal or to harm. A religious connection.

That is all we get out of this story. Yet, it is remarkably well rounded and interesting.

From what I described above, you may feel as if you leave the story feeling as though there is something missing, but there isn’t.

Branded Faith is the first story in a series of short stories titled Outcasts.

It leaves you wanting more, and I cannot wait to see what the next story holds.

5/5 It doesn’t give you much detail, but if it gave you any more it would ruin the story. Very intriguing way to start a collection

Read ahead for spoilers

Outcasts by Nick Wisseman

Outcasts is a collection of short stories written by Nicholas Wisseman. They come from different backgrounds, and all have different stories. They will all take you on a journey. Put on your seatbelt; this will be a crazy ride. 

November 18, 2012

Coming of Age... Again by Carol Mizrahi

This book tells the story of four friends: Barbara, Irene, Sylvia, and Rochelle. They are all women in their early sixties, and all have very different personalities. Somehow they have stuck together since being very young.

It tells the story of the women coming to different points in their life where they aren’t happy, and they take back their lives. It is never too late to be happy.

This book was very real to me. It showed problem that real women go through everyday, but it had a humorous twist to it. I found myself laughing out loud more than a couple times!

Sometimes when you come across a book that has older characters in it, you may feel that it is only for older folks, but this one is completely different. I greatly enjoyed it!

5/5 Stars. Kept me entertained the whole way through!

Read ahead for spoilers!

November 16, 2012

E-Learning 101 by Dr. Liz Hardy

This is a nifty little handbook for learning in an online setting.

It’s a very short handbook, so getting through it is easy, and it is informative.

Dr. Liz Hardy does a very nice job of calming the nerves of those who may be interested in taking an online class but aren’t sure if they can handle it.

As long as you set your mind to it, you can do it.

There are activities in the handbook that help you plan out your study schedule and also to limit your distractions and reasons for procrastinating.

Overall, 5/5 very simple handbook to get through, plus you get cute pictures of dogs on each page. What more could you ask for!

Islanders by John Barlow

This novel reminded me of a modern day Lord of the Flies. Not with the plot, just with the concept of the children being the main characters. I’m sure there are many novels like this, but I feel like this could replace that book in school curriculums.

It does have lessons that you can take away from it, such as you need teamwork to succeed, and also to never give up.

This novel is a sort of spin on a post-apocalyptic. There was a major war on the mainland including biological warfare. Some of the survivors were able to escape to an island unknown to the ruler of the mainland.

When a boat washes up on shore of the island carrying a messenger from the mainland telling Ben Brewer that his father is still alive, he and a gang of children set off to uncover the true story of what happened.

Will they be able to find Ben’s dad? Or will they get killed along the way?

You just have to read it and find out!

5/5 Stars. I spent all day reading this book and didn’t get bored once! It is full of adventure and get crazy at the end!

Read ahead for spoilers

Patriot's Blood by Richard Holcroft

This book embodies basically everything that interests me in a book. You have Mob references, conspiracy theories, detective work, and a lot of suspense.

It is based around a Lawyer, Marchetti. He is asked by a client of his to investigate a case for him in case of his death.

Once Marchetti begins to do the detective work, he puts everyone around him in danger. But worse than that, it is unknown danger. He cannot figure out where the threat is coming from and who is behind all of it.

It started off with the bombing of an important building and most of the facts were covered up or completely ignored by the government and the FBI. Marchetti’s client was one of the few who had witnessed the bombing and had seen who may had been involved.

The other witnesses began disappearing – staged suicides.

This novel is very well written! It kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole ride. Especially when it really began heating up at the end.

The end was packed full of action, so much that it had my heart beating quickly!
5/5 Stars. It was such an exciting read! I loved it!

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November 15, 2012

Tortured Minds by Sue Mydliak

This collection of short stories was very. . . odd I guess would be the best word for it.

It it’s a collection that contains short horror stories. Which, in theory, should be very interesting. But,  for the most part, I was completely lost while trying to read them.

Though, there were definitely some that were better than others, and they seemed to get better as it went on.
The stories are not connected to one another, they are all independent. I feel as if the stories would have been a lot more powerful if, instead of being written in story format, they were written as poems. Some of them actually had the feel of a poem, but they were written as a story.

It is something you could pick up around Halloween and enjoy, but it wasn’t my favorite.

2.5/5 stars. I was lost most of the time. But I actually enjoyed a few of them. 

Wet and Ready by Cherise St. Claire (Review Under Read More)

November 14, 2012

BOGOF The Supermarket Cat by Adrian Marshall

This cute little children's book is about a cat that gets a job outside of a supermarket. 

It would be a great book to sit down and read with your child. 

I love cats, so the book being written in the perspective of the cat was something I enjoyed. 

It is very short, so your children will not lose interest. 

5/5 loved the cute story, and the cat as the main character was an added bonus!

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November 9, 2012

The Girl by Bryan Hall

If any of you recall when I reviewed the story “The Vagrant”

I said this:
 “If it were a bit longer, there could have been some more backstory for the main character as well as some more action in it.”

Well, I said that before I knew that it was a part of a series. The series is The Southern Hauntings Saga.
That being said, this story was a lot better than the first. Crate comes back for the second story and is called upon to use his spirit-seeing powers to find a missing girl.

Whether he is able to or not, he sets out to try.

This story was a lot less rushed than the first. Actually, I didn’t feel as if it was rushed at all. It was a bit longer which could be the cause of that. It was a great read for my train ride.

One thing I really liked about this story and Bryan Hall’s writing in general is how you can feel the mood in the reading. He is able to set a very dark mood without making it obvious.

5/5 stars for this one. I really enjoyed it, it is a great read if you are commuting, or if you have time to sit around one afternoon and read it. I suggest setting aside enough time to get it done in one sitting, because once you start, you won’t want to put it down!
Read ahead for spoilers!

November 8, 2012

The Last Bad Job by Colin Dodds

There aren’t many other ways to describe this book than that it is interesting.

This novel basically involved everything in its storyline: religion, cults, drugs, sex, alcohol, and the apocalypse.
It is an apocalyptic thriller based on the teachings on a cult leader “Dizzy” and the reporter put on the assignment from hell.

From how it starts, you will never guess the ending. I like books like that, though. Very unpredictable they keep you engaged.

 It takes you through Dizzy’s cult and teachings.  Then the reporter gets in some trouble and has to hide out in California. As if the beginning wasn’t strange enough, this is when everything begins to get VERY weird.
The part where he is hiding out felt a bit like a Rob Zombie movie to me. Take that however you please, but The Devil’s Rejects is one of my favorite movies, so that isn’t a bad thing to me.

Then it takes a turn toward an even WEIRDER story line. This is where we find out how life will be post apocalypse.

This book takes you on many different turns. Right when you get used to one part of the story line, BAM it switches over to a different place/story. It was a very interesting read. I’m not usually one for apocalyptic books, so for my first read, this one was rather good!

3.5/5 Stars. It isn’t for everyone, but it gives a different twist on the story of the apocalypse, and I think those who enjoy the genre will really appreciate this read!

The release date for novel is November 13, 2012!
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