April 28, 2014

Gravity (Movie Review!)

I am a little late to the party, but I finally watched Gravity.
The previews were always pretty intriguing. I mean, if you are curious as to why a whole movie preview is basically just Sandra Bullock grunting in space. 

This movie should be renamed to “Literally Everything Goes Wrong”
Because that would describe it more than Gravity.

I love Sandra Bullock as an actress. She nails every part. She is hilarious, she can be series (I mean, The Blind Side. ugh perfect).  I love basically every movie she is in (Yes, even The Net). This one really failed to grab me at the beginning, and I couldn’t really tell why it won so many awards.
I am guessing it was either for the suspense of it all or because of how nice it looked. Really, it looked beautiful.
I just didn’t really understand the story line. The whole movie is basically Sandra trying to fix literally everything that has gone wrong.

And then she was making dog noises in space.

The ending also leaves a lot of questions to be answered. It was emotional at times. She mentions having a daughter that had died, but then she was never really brought up again except when her friend died. 

It was an intense movie, but for all of the praise it got, I was expecting it to be better.

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