June 13, 2012

Cat & Mouse by James Patterson

Gary Soneji is back.

He is lurking in the darkness. Spying on his prey. Waiting for the correct moment to make his move.
But, will someone else steal his spotlight?

Now introducing: Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith is a crime fighter over in Europe. But there is a darker side to Smith that emerges as the novel goes on.

Will Cross be able to stop Soneji? Will he finally put an end to the madman who has terrorized his life for years?

This is the most fast-paced Alex Cross novel that I have read so far. It kept me turning the page over and over until I was finally finished. I was hooked from the very first page.

With Cross’s life in danger, you will find out who lives, and who dies!

5/5 Stars. Wonderful thriller. Kept me hooked from cover to cover. Definitely recommend it!

Read Ahead for spoilers!
The only complain I have is that I knew Alex Cross was going to survive because I know there are a lot more books that star cross. His family, too was in danger, though. I wasn’t too sure how it would pan out.

When Soneji died I had a huge sigh of relief. I felt personally victimized by him from being so attached to the novels. 

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