November 8, 2012

The Last Bad Job by Colin Dodds

There aren’t many other ways to describe this book than that it is interesting.

This novel basically involved everything in its storyline: religion, cults, drugs, sex, alcohol, and the apocalypse.
It is an apocalyptic thriller based on the teachings on a cult leader “Dizzy” and the reporter put on the assignment from hell.

From how it starts, you will never guess the ending. I like books like that, though. Very unpredictable they keep you engaged.

 It takes you through Dizzy’s cult and teachings.  Then the reporter gets in some trouble and has to hide out in California. As if the beginning wasn’t strange enough, this is when everything begins to get VERY weird.
The part where he is hiding out felt a bit like a Rob Zombie movie to me. Take that however you please, but The Devil’s Rejects is one of my favorite movies, so that isn’t a bad thing to me.

Then it takes a turn toward an even WEIRDER story line. This is where we find out how life will be post apocalypse.

This book takes you on many different turns. Right when you get used to one part of the story line, BAM it switches over to a different place/story. It was a very interesting read. I’m not usually one for apocalyptic books, so for my first read, this one was rather good!

3.5/5 Stars. It isn’t for everyone, but it gives a different twist on the story of the apocalypse, and I think those who enjoy the genre will really appreciate this read!

The release date for novel is November 13, 2012!
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