December 27, 2012

Through the Crimson Mirror by Daniel Alexander Dinnie

This book is interesting. It is a non-fiction/memoir book.

I feel like it read sort of as a journal, but was also trying to teach a few lessons through the author’s past experiences.

I felt like the beginning of the book was setting it up to be more about parenting from a child’s perspective, and while that theme did come up in every chapter, I don’t feel as though it was the main point of this book as I continued my reading.

It became more of a book about communication and how the author felt certain people in his life were not communicating properly, often referring to an ex-girlfriend and also bosses in the workplace.

So, at times I was a little confused as to what the actual purpose of this book was.

You can approach it in two ways, I think.

1.       You read it as though it is just a memoir. The author is only telling his past experiences and what he has learned from them.


2.       You read it as an educational book, but with a lack of real structure.

I feel like the intro set it up to be an educational book, but it ended up as a memoir, which as I said before was a little confusing. It wasn’t mainly focused on parenting like I feel it was set up to.

That being said, it was a very interesting read. The author gives interesting insights into the topic of correct communication.

He does state that you should read this book with an open mind, and I think if you remember that throughout, you will be able to take something away from it.

3/5 stars. The way it was set up didn’t really equal what it ended up being, but it was indeed an interesting read.

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