April 10, 2013

The Last Judges by Jedi Gong

This book has elements of survival, war, and is semi-apocalyptic. And even more than than that, it is spiritual and paranormal. It offers a little bit of everything, and there is even some romance near the end.

This is a book that starts out by telling the stories of strangers that are all experiencing the weird natural disasters that are popping up all over the country.
Then, it turns into a book about destiny.
These individuals come together and learn how to survive these crazy events with limited resources, ...and a psychic.
It will take you on a crazy ride, and an emotional one at that. You will hate some characters and you will love others, but you will end up rooting for this group of strangers in the end.
It takes the story of the anti-christ and the mark of the beast to a whole new level.  With witches and warlocks, mysterious twins, and a gun-happy girl with two pups, there is never a dull moment in this book. It will keep you hanging on until the very last page.
I enjoyed how every character had their own distinct personality. It made reading this fun because you got to know the characters along the way.
There are also two badass female characters, so that was fun as well!

I would give this a 4.5 just because of one highly uncomfortable moment which I will place in he spoiler section.
Other than that, it was well written. I felt a connection to the characters and was rooting for this group the whole way through.

Read ahead for spoilers

The part that really disturbed me was when Cash came to visit the camp and he was hurting everyone. That wasn’t the disturbing part. It was disturbing when he was leaving and talking about taking Jade. It was just very uncomfortable to read.

When Dragon and Pyro first got to the camp, and Pyro went on his burning spree, I really disliked him. As the story progressed though, you see a different side to him, and he became a good character

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  1. Thank you Courtney. There's now a link to this review here: http://www.lastjudges.com/links.html