September 21, 2013

When Good Boobs Turn Bad: A Mammoir by Jill Foer Hirsch

As you can probably conclude from the title, this is a memoir (or “Mammoir”) about Jill Hirsch and breast cancer.

While cancer is a very serious topic, Jill was able to get through her diagnosis, treatment, and recovery by using humor. She displays that in this book of hers.

It takes you through every stage of her battle with cancer, and it is laced with humor the whole way through.
It is very informally written, almost as if you are reading a journal written by Jill. It keeps the book interesting and fresh.

Jill proves that you can get through any struggle with the support of family, humor, (plus making people feel sorry enough for you to buy you gifts….).

This is a lovely little book. Little because it is pretty short. It was very light hearted for such a heavy topic.
5/5 stars. Fun to read and very well written

It reminded me of a book I reviewed at the beginning of the year Chief Complaint: Brain Tumor by John Kerastas

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