November 16, 2013

Promise of Departure by LW Montgomery

Promise of departure has a little something for everyone. It has the masculine side with lots of motorcycles, but there is a softer side to it as well.

Motorcycles. Travel. Drinking Problems. Romance. There is a little bit of everything.

I wasn’t expecting to get into this book as much as I did. The beginning of the book is a little slow, and it takes about a chapter to officially figure out what is going on.

The further you read, the more it pulls you in. You slowly feel as though you are in Greg’s world and experiencing his adventures and his rides with him. It really comes out of nowhere. You are trying to figure out where this book is going, then, all of a sudden it is impossible to put down.

Greg has had a strange life. He started up his own video game company with some friends of his. But, then he realizes making so much money really isn’t all it is cracked up to be. He leaves his company, his marriage goes downhill, and all that he has left is his bike Sissy and thoughts of his daughter back home.

He travels to Haiti with the intention to help fix motorcycles after a severe natural disaster. When he gets there, he gets himself into something he never would have imagined.

The character development is really well done, especially for Greg. But even the supporting characters have great arcs, and you aren’t really left asking questions…. Well, at least about the characters.

Then comes the end …. A HUGE cliff hanger! I was almost screaming ‘WHO IS IT’ at my book. I know who I want it to be, but I will save that for the spoilers.

3.5/5 Stars only because the beginning, as I said, is pretty slow. But, by the end, I definitely enjoyed the read a lot.

Read Ahead for Spoilers!

I was rooting for Greg to be with Beth from the moment they met. There just seemed to be such good chemistry between then.

When the bell rings at the end, I really want it to be Beth coming back for him, though I do want him to see his daughter again. 

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