January 18, 2014

So Say the Waiters: Book 2 by Justin Sirois

This is a great book two in a series. There is no drop off in quality from the first book to this one. It complements the first book, and it starts right where it left off.

This book two gives readers more background information on kidnApp and how and why it was created. It goes into more detail about the founders including bringing forth a family relationship that was not known before.

Henry and Dani are back and are continuing their partnership in taking waiters. Henry is still not completely sold on the idea that he could do this as a job, but Dani’s enthusiasm keeps him going.

Their personalities balance each other out. Henry is very laid back and unsure of himself, while Dani is very outgoing and energetic. Carrying over from the first book, Henry is still whiney. I am curious to see if that continues as the series comes to a close, or if he becomes more confident in the job. I have the feeling that if either of them are going to mess up, it is going to be Henry.

As I was hoping, the story lines of Jess and Uly was continued, and they became way more relevant in this one. I was glad to see that since they were the only characters I didn’t really understand in the first book. Now, I am curious to see how they continue on as well.

I really liked the waiters that were introduced in this one. They were interesting. One is a reporter working on a story about the app, the other is a man with severe OCD. I was wondering how that take was going to work out, and I was really pleased with how it went.

The world of kidnApp seems like it is heating up with Haymaker going a little crazy towards the end to try to prove himself. I am looking forward to seeing how it affects the company.

As I started with, this was a great middle book. It tied up a few loose ends, gave some background information, and was open enough to make you look forward to reading the third one.

4.5/5 Stars

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