February 17, 2015

The Journals of Taylor Hart: Inside the Mind of a School Shooter by Dan Andrews

An extraordinary, disturbingly powerful collection of journals, The Journals of Taylor Hart is a collection of writings penned by a lonely, violent, and yet brilliant young man, spanning across more than four of his most formative years—culminating in the ultimate end of murder and slaughter on a university campus, giving the reader a once in a lifetime opportunity to glimpse into the mind of an individual capable of committing a mass school shooting.

On Monday, December 29th, 2008, Taylor Hart began writing his journals in spiral-bound notebooks. Obsessively, he recorded everything ranging from his thought provoking philosophical views down to beautiful short stories, even down to entries that could be described as nothing other than the products of raw emotion— insanity driven rants.

After four years of spiraling downward, Taylor’s maniacal and sociopathic progression collapses, concluding with his suicide in his university’s observatory and with the confiscation of his writings, but now, after some time, Dan Andrews has reacquired his former close friend’s unpublished journals. Published with all of Taylor’s originality intact, laced with timeless existential questions and violence, The Journals of Taylor Hart forces the reader to confront the question, “Who is the next person on the brink of committing the world’s next atrocity?”
Intriguing and disturbing all at once

Taylor Hart’s journals take you through the mind of a seriously tortured soul. Following him for four years, you can see the insanity building up as it gets closer to the end.

There were many entries where I found myself cringing and feeling ill. These scenes usually involved animals.

Going into this, I was expecting to see a few more entries written about what lead to his murder spree and suicide. But, I suppose the whole book is a build up to that.

There are many entries that make you think, and some that you may even agree with.

It is an interesting fiction look into a mind full of demons.
That being said, I was hoping for just a bit more.

3/5 stars.

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