April 1, 2020

The Inn by James Patterson and Candice Fox

The Inn at Gloucester stands alone on the rocky shoreline. Its seclusion suits former Boston police detective Bill Robinson, novice owner and innkeeper. As long as the dozen residents pay their rent, Robinson doesn't ask any questions. Neither does Sheriff Clayton Spears, who lives on the second floor. 
Then Mitchell Cline arrives, with a deadly new way of doing business. His crew of local killers break laws, deal drugs, and bring violence to the front door of the Inn. That's when Robinson realizes, with the help of journalist Susan Solie, that leaving the city is no escape from the reality of evil -- or the responsibility for action. 
Teaming up with Sheriff Spears and two fearless residents -- Army veteran Nick Jones and groundskeeper Effie Johnson -- Robinson begins a risky defense. The solitary inhabitants of the Inn will have to learn, before time runs out, that their only choice is between standing together -- or dying alone.

When it comes to James Patterson, I’ve mostly been reading series books lately. I can’t give up on my Women’s Murder Club or Alex Cross books, and the newer Harriet Blue series is off to a good start.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve picked up one of his stand-alone books, but I did with The Inn. It’s been sitting on my table since it’s release day and I kept choosing to read others before it. During this quarantine time, I figure there’s no better time to try to get through some of my TBR pile, so I finally started it. . . and then finished it in about a day and a half.

It was refreshing to meet all new characters. They’re all a special brand of unique, and I could definitely see a series starting up about The Inn. But, I’ll be happy with it just being a one off novel too. Not everything has to be a series. Sometimes it’s better just to let them be.

Bill Robinson is a former detective, but Mr. Patterson can’t get away from his detective writing just like Bill can’t shake his habits. Once a major drug problem becomes apparent in their little town, Bill decides to track down the source with the help of his fellow housemate Nick who is ex-military and dealing with PTSD.

It’s a wild ride from beginning to end. As the case with most recent Patterson novels, the writing isn’t top-notch, but it’s a fun read nonetheless. The characters are likable, the story moves at a good clip, and I had fun reading it.

You’ve got a recommendation from me!

4/5 stars

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