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June 23, 2014

My Letter To Fear: Essays on Life, Love and the Search For Prince Charming by Patricia Steffy

Over the course of two years, Steffy conducted interviews with the fabulous women around her and their equally fantastic friends. She put no restrictions on age, or ethnicity. They just needed to be willing to answer some questions. Steffy asked them about expectations they had for their lives when they were very young versus their current realities as adults. She asked them to tell her the best things about themselves (a question which was surprisingly difficult for people to answer) and the worst things. Those answers— the funny, the sad, and the hysterical—and her own experiences became the basis for these essays. 

I really enjoyed this book. It was funny at times, it was a bit emotional at times, and there were some essays that were just too easy to identify with. There is something for everyone mixed in the pages of this book.

The writing was fun and flowed well, there was never a point where I was bored and felt like I needed to put it down. But, I also feel like you should spread out the reading of the book over time so you can take in some of the essays and really think about them. It makes the book more enjoyable than reading it all at once at a rushed pace which results in forgetting everything you have read.

Each essay is pretty short, spanning only about 2-3 pages in length. It is the perfect office book. When you need a quick break from work to re-gather your thoughts (or sanity…) it is easy to pick up and read one or two, then put back down for later.

I think Patricia Steffy really got the feel for how a lot of women think and feel at various points in their life. That’s what makes this book so relatable and familiar.
It was a fun read.

5/5 Stars

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January 25, 2013

This Möbius Strip of Ifs by Mathias Freese

This Möbius Strip of Ifs is not a book for those who do not wish to think a lot while reading.
This is a collection of short essays and memoirs by the author Mathias Freese. It is a very intellectual writing with a hint of emotion as well.

I found each different essay to be interesting in its own ways. Reading through each one was thoroughly enjoyable.  

I find it hard to review books of this sort because they are all different. The writing styles are different, the subjects are different, and so on.

So, I will say this. If you want to pick up a book that reads sort of like an intellectual diary, I would pick this up.

Note that when I say diary, I am not lessening the effect of what Mathias has to say. I mean it in the way that he is the man behind each of these essays saying how he feels about different topics.

Overall 4/5 stars I really enjoyed it, but a few of the essays lost me. Bound to happen I supposed.