February 18, 2013

Supernatural Freak by Louisa Klein

The title of this book is very fitting. That is exactly what it is about, a supernatural freak. The main character is Robyn. She has abilities that no human has, and abilities that many people that do have supernatural abilities don’t have, and that makes her a target.

Many strange things happen around her that she has no explanation for, so she enlists the help of her wizard and witch friends, and also the ghost that conveniently lives in her attic.

This book is packed with action, but is also packed with tons of humor and wit, with a dash of romance... just a dash!

I find books a lot more enjoyable to read when there are good characters. That was the case with this one. I enjoyed all of the characters. They all had their own unique personalities, and they meshed well together to make this book exciting to read. You never knew what was going to come out of their mouths next.

Also, I wish I had an awesome ghost that lived in my attic.

5/5 This was thoroughly enjoyable. It was hilarious, it was suspenseful, and it was full of action! AND the characters were awesome!

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