June 1, 2014

Losses by Robert Wexelblatt

This was an interesting book for me. It was really short, only about 82 pages, but it didn’t seem to go anywhere quickly.
It didn’t seem to actually go anywhere until the last few chapters.

A single father who is also an IRS agent takes on a large case that could incriminate a lot of people.
He has to balance his work with taking care of and raising his young daughter Augustus. They were abandoned by her mother when she was very young, and it has just been the two of them for years.

When she changes her mind and decides she wants to actually be a mother, he and Augustus must figure out how to approach the situation.

Some things just don’t follow a certain game plan though.

The writing was okay at best. The story was interesting, but as I said before, it was either lacking a good flow or was just moving very slow.

For a storyline that wasn’t very sophisticated, it had a moderately sophisticated vocabulary. I couldn’t figure out what type of audience it was trying to reach.

3/5 stars

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