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February 28, 2014

Mary, Mary by James Patterson

Alex Cross thinks he is finally able to get a nice vacation away with his family. After catching The Wolf, he tries to take some time off and visits Disney Land in California with his kids and Nana Mama.

Then he gets the call.

Famous women in California are turning up dead after being brutally murdered. A gun shot wound to kill them, and grisly slashes across their faces to take their beauty away.

Even more disturbing, they are all mothers. The killer doesn’t harm anyone else in the family, only the women and leaves a strange signature of children’s stickers that are the letter A, A, B.

The person behind the killings – Mary Smith. The killer has been writing emails to a local newspaper writer detailing the killings and why they have happened. They don’t include all of the details though. The details are special. They are the killer’s story.

Who is Mary Smith?

Is Mary Smith even a female at all? The LAPD seem to be convinced it is a woman carrying out these crimes. Based on the email signatures and one single piece of hair found at only one murder site, which is all they need to be convinced that they are dealing with a female serial killer.
Alex Cross isn’t convinced.

The Storyteller

The story teller is the one committing the murders. The storyteller is very interesting character because of how they handle themselves.
Being afraid before committing murders
Getting upset about committing some
Ultimately getting addicted to killing

I was honestly shocked to read who the killer was. I was not expecting it at all. I think I may have entertained the idea earlier in the book but then forgot about it.
It was an interesting twist in the story.

This was one of the better books I have read in awhile as well. The story line is crazy, the murders are brutal, and it really keeps you guessing up until the very end.

And what more could you ask for than a bad ass fight scene where Alex is just awesome?
This is a high point in the series. It is emotional, hectic, and shocking.

5/5 Stars.

Memorable quote: "'I thank God for you every single day of my life, Alex, and I thank him for letting me raise you, and see you turn into the man you did. But I want you to think about why you came to me in the first place, what was going on between your poor parents before they died. Simply put, Jannie and Damon and Ali deserve better than you had. Don't make them orphans, Alex."

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